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Once you have registered at, you have the option to sponsor all your friends, inviting them to meet us. Each time one of your sponsors makes their first purchase, will give you a bonus of #bono% for your next order that we will send to your email address. In your next order, when you enter the bonus, we will automatically apply the promotion.


How to sponsor

From your user account:

  • Sending personalized invitations: To do this you must enter the name or names and email address of your sponsors and click accept.
  • Enter your email address and password of your email account so that Let's show you your contacts and so you can easily select who you want to sponsor. We support the most important mail providers such as GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo, MobileMe, among others. (Temporarily out of service)

Once the invitations have been sent, we will contact your sponsors so they know our site and start enjoying our featured products.


How to buy

Buying at is very simple.

Choose the type of product you want by clicking on the corresponding category. Find the brand that interests you and, once chosen, you can see the entire range available (prices with VAT included). Once you have chosen the product, pressing the "Add to cart" button will appear again next to its unit price and an indication of the number of units you want. You can add as many products as you want to the purchase by going back to the brand that interests you. You can also delete a selected product by clicking on the X that appears to the right of each reference. Each time you add or remove a product, the total amount of your order will be recalculated.

When you have finished your order, press "Start Payment".

If you are already a customer, enter Your e-mail and your password. If you are not, click on "new customer" to fill out a simple form with your personal data and register.

When you have identified, your order details will appear: the delivery address and the means of payment to choose. For more information, go to the "Information" section of the "Purchase Conditions" menu on the home page.


Shipping costs


  • See tables

For orders over 350 euros, shipping costs are free.


           Country / Country       CP / CCZoneTransport
Germany DE III GLS
Austria AT IV GLS
Belgium/Belgium BE IV GLS
Bulgaria/Bulgary BG VI GLS
Croatia/Croatia HR VI GLS
Denmark/Denmark DK IV GLS
Slovakia/Slovakia SK V GLS
Slovenia/Slovenia SI V GLS
Estonia EE VI GLS
Finlandia/Finland FI VI GLS
France/France FR III GLS
Hungria/Hungary HU V GLS
Ireland/Ireland IE VI GLS
Italy/Italy IT IV GLS
Letonia/Latvia LV VI GLS
Lithuania/Lithuania LT VI GLS
Luxembourg/Luxembourg LU IV GLS
Monaco/Monaco MC III GLS
Netherlands / Netherlands NL IV GLS
Poland/Poland PL V GLS
Portugal PT I MAIL EXP
United Kingdom / United Kingdom GB V GLS
Czech Republic / Czech Republic CZ IV GLS
Romania/Romania RO VI GLS
Sweden/Sweden SE VI GLS
Vaticano/Vatican VA IV GLS
Others / Others (EU) Consult / To Consult

** No shipments are made to Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Russia, Macedonia, San Marino, Andorra, Turkey, Greece, Malta and European islands such as Guernsey.
** We do not send orders to Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Russia, Macedonia, San Marino, Andorra, Turkey, Greece, Malt and european islands such as Guernsey for example


          Kilos / Zones    I    III    IV    V    VI
0.00 -2.99 Kg 4.75 8.4 9.2 10.15 11.8
t3.00 - 4.99 Kg 5.25 11.95 15 18.45 23.85
t5.00 - 9.99 Kg 5.9 15.4 16.75 20.75 32.8
t10.00 - 20.00 Kg 8.35 16.15 19.6 21.7 34

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Changes and returns

In your user profile you have a specific space to be able to return the order automatically, or request payment of any of the products of your purchase.

Once the merchandise is received, if it is not If you like it or you are not satisfied, you can contact us within 14 business days after receiving the product. The return of the amount of the item or the exchange for another item will be carried out as soon as possible. agrees to accept returns of sealed products with full product reimbursement , but not the transportation costs of the purchased product. You must bear the direct cost of returning the goods.

The return address is:

Zeus Street, 16-18 Module 1, 28880 Meco, Madrid, Spain.

If you return any of the products remember to record the product you return.